Independent Consultant in Pharmaceutical Medicine.



Pui Man Leung has CCT Specialist Status in Pharmaceutical Medicine with 14 years experience in Early Phase Drug Development. He is an active Fellow Member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine as an Examiner, Educational Supervisor, Specialty Adviser and Member of the Specialist Advisory Committee in Pharmaceutical Medicine. He currently holds an Advance Life Support Provider Certification. Previously Medical Assessor in the Clinical Trials Unit at MHRA he now offers independent pharmaceutical consultancy through PM Leung Consultancy Pharma Ltd.

Therapeutic areas

Pui Man Leung has extensive experience in medical knowledge and in the field of Clinical Trials. He has worked in NHS acute medicine for 12 years, has over 14 years early phase drug development and has been a MHRA Medical Assessor assessing all phases of clinical trials. With over 300 Early Phase studies as Principal Investigator/Sub Investigator he has covered virtually the whole therapeutic spectrum.

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Pui Man Leung's years of experience in early phase Drug Development together with his experience in MHRA Clinical Trials Unit as Medical Assessor along with widespread experience in acute hospital medicine and a deep understanding of Drug Safety are the mainstay of his strengths.

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You may be a Pharmaceutical/Biotech Company, a Virtual Company, a Research unit or Academic who could well benefit from PM Leung Consultancy Phamra's extensive portfolio of services and dynamic working approach based on extensive experience of early phase drug development.

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I have over 14 years clinical trials experience, the majority of this in four different UK Phase I CRO clinics.

I have worked on over 300 studies of all early phase study designs covering all therapy areas including biologicals, vaccines and medical devices as either Principal Investigator or Sub-investigator. I am accredited PI in First in Human studies in the UK and have ALS Provider Certification status. I obtained my Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine through passing the examination with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of United Kingdom.

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